• General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Mobile payments are non-cash payments made with a mobile device, e.g. a mobile phone or tablet, using an installed application of a given mobile payment operator or SMS commands. To make a payment, a device must be connected to a telecommunications network

Mobile payments for parking in the Paid Parking Zone may be made:

  • through prepayment using the wallet application
  • with a bank payment card

To use the prepayment wallet application, you must make a payment to a pre-paid account created with one of the mobile payment operators. Parking fees are collected from the funds deposited on the pre-paid account, which may be recharged at any time.

To make mobile payments with a bank payment card, it is enough to connect the payment card once with the application for a quick and convenient payment. The payment card details are securely stored by the mobile payment operator (for more information on security, visit www.anypark.pl, www.skycash.pl or www.mpay.pl).

The mobile payment systems accept Visa and MasterCard bank payment cards.

Operators handling mobile payments in the Paid Parking Zone in Wrocław:

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