• For the disabled

For the disabled

The following shall be entitled to zero rate charge for parking in the Central Paid Parking Zone and Paid Parking Zone in Wrocław:

  • certified severely or moderately disabled persons with reduced mobility, codes R or N;
  • legal representatives or spouses of the aforementioned persons with disabilities;
  • other persons with whom the aforementioned person with disabilities is travelling with.

The “0” badge confirms a vehicle is being used by a person with disabilities entitled to zero rate charge for parking.The “0” badge can be issued:

  • At the Customer Service Desk inside the Wrocław City Maintenance and Roads Authority hedquarters, located on Długa 49, Wrocław
  • Using the e-store https://wroclaw.e-abonamenty.pl/

For badge template and issue terms click HERE.

Persons with disabilities who are holders of a parking card within the meaning of Article 8 of the Ustawa z dnia 20 czerwca 1997r. Prawo o ruchu drogowym (uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2023.1047) are entitled to park their vehicles free of charge only in spaces designated for persons with disabilities (special markings).

For a list of designated persons with disabilities parking spaces click HERE.

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