• For the disabled

For the disabled

The following shall be entitled to free of charge parking in the Central Paid Parking Zone and Paid Parking Zone in Wrocław:

  • certified severely or moderately disabled persons with reduced mobility, codes R or N;
  • legal representatives or spouses of the aforementioned persons with disabilities;
  • other persons with whom the aforementioned person with disabilities is travelling with.

The “0” badge confirms a motor vehicle is being used by a person with disabilities entitled to free-of-charge parking. The “0” badge is issued to an authorised road user as referred to in § 4 paragraph 1 of Wrocław Town Council Resolution No. XXVI/712/20 of 17 September 2020 (…) as amended defining the paid parking zone and the central paid parking zone, defining the fees for parking vehicles on public roads within the paid parking zone and central paid parking zone, introducing subscription fees and zero-rates for certain road users, defining the payment methods and determining the additional charges (Official Journal of Lower Silesian Voivodeship of 2020, item 5249), hereinafter referred to as the resolution.

For badge template and issue terms click HERE.

Persons with disabilities who are holders of a parking card within the meaning of Article 8 of the Road Traffic Act of 20 June 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 450, as amended) are entitled to park their vehicles free of charge only in spaces designated for persons with disabilities (special markings).

For a list of designated persons with disabilities parking spaces click HERE.

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