• Vehicles exempt from parking fees

Vehicles exempt from parking fees

The following are exempt from Central Paid Parking Zone and Paid Parking Zone charges:

  • permanently marked Wrocław Street Warden vehicles
  • motorbikes and scooters
  • hydrogen powered vehicles
  • electric vehicles
  • vehicles stated as exempted from fees in Article 13 paragraph 3 of Ustawa z dnia 21 marca 1985 r. o drogach publicznych (uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2023.645)
  • a public road users, as stated in art. 13 paragraph 5 w/w ustawy o drogach publicznych

The following shall be entitled to zero rate charge for parking in the Paid Parking Zone:

  • hybrid petrol and electric powered vehicles with CO2 emissions not exceeding 100 g/km
  • CNG (compressed natural gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas) powered vehicles

The H badge confirms entitlement to a zero rate parking charge.

The H badge can be purchased:

  • At the Wrocław City Maintenance and Roads Authority hedquarters, located on Długa 49, Wrocław, at the Customer Service Desk
  • Using the e-store https://wroclaw.e-abonamenty.pl/
  • For the H badge template and issue terms click HERE
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